Stop Facebooking What You’re Thankful For: 10 Ways To DO Thanks

Day #6: Today I am thankful for the fresh food that fills my fridge and the ability to provide my family with wholesome high quality meals.

Sound familiar? For the past 5 days, I have logged onto Facebook and Twitter and have been bombarded with friends and colleagues sharing what they’re grateful for.

Of course I get it… Thanksgiving is just weeks away and everyone wants to express their thankfulness.

Have you ever noticed the “Thankful Slope”? The month starts out with topics like: I’m thankful for my family, my health, my home, etc… and by time Thanksgiving is actually here thanks is more toned down… I’m thankful for Starbucks peppermint lattes, I’m thankful for winter boots, etc.

It’s important to express our blessings, they’re often taken for granted on a daily basis. This is the month where we may find ourselves truly realizing how special our lives are. No matter how tough times have been over the year, we’re still here to celebrate our daily blessings. Hopefully with our loved ones by our side.

But here’s what I want to propose instead.

Please, STOP Telling Us What You’re Thankful For

This is a challenge that I a giving myself and I would love some company.

I feel that by sharing what we’re thankful for on Facebook is too easy. Yes, it’s heartfelt but we can do better. We can make this month (and future months) more meaningful. If you’re really thankful then why not do more than with a little status update?

So I propose this… Instead of saying what you’re thankful for, do thanks.

What Does It Mean To DO Thanks?

Take what you’re thankful for and apply it life. Now, clearly this isn’t something you’ll be able to do every single day (though sometimes the smallest sign of appreciation can make a huge impact), but perhaps if you aim to DO Thanks just once per week until Thanksgiving.

But why stop there? Is it okay that we only dedicate 1 month to sharing our gratefulness? Perhaps this is something that we can do at least once per month here on out?

Just a thought.

10 Suggestions To Do Thanks


1 –> If you’re so thankful for that morning Starbucks, why not make it a point to pick up an extra one for your colleague at work that you’re also grateful for? During the winter, I go to a veggie stand that has the nicest lady. I’ve been going to her for over a year and I look forward to our 5-minute weekly chats. I already told Dan that when it got cold, I would bring her a cup of coffee to help warm her morning.

2 –> Thankful for your family? Why not plan a family game night this weekend. Spend quality time with each other, so you can express to THEM how lucky you feel and not to those in the Facebook world.


3 –> Thankful for a healthy body that allows you to workout and move? Grab some friends and do a killer workout together or sign up for a holiday race with them.

4 –> Are you thankful for all the food in your home? The warm meals at night? Put together a box of canned goods that you can donate to a family that isn’t so lucky. Or donate to a charity that allows struggling families to enjoy a traditional turkey meal on Thanksgiving. The Gobble Gobble Give is one organization I found.

5 –> Thankful for your spouse? Show him/her by setting up a special date. Perhaps giving him a nice massage, or a gift certificate to go get a massage while you hold down the house.

6 –> Thankful for the clothes on your back? Like with food, consider cleaning closets and taking the clothes you don’t wear to a homeless shelter. Winter is coming and it’s sad that there will be people that don’t have winter boots or even a light jacket to keep the chill away.

7 –> Thankful for your friends? Instead of posting a status message on Facebook, send each a personalized card telling them you love them. With email and social media, cards and letters from friends are a real treat and a great surprise.


Love these cards by Stuff By Nicole

8 –> Thankful for your job and co-workers? Perhaps you could show up to the office with a baked oatmeal breakfast, or simply leave a sticky note on your bosses computer monitor telling him/her thanks.

9 –> Thankful for electronics? Sounds strange, but I am thankful every day to be able to work at home and create a business that runs from my computer. It’s amazing! What better way to show thanks than by stepping away from them. One weekend, leave the i-phone at home, turn off the computers and continue on with life. You will likely feel free but you’ll also feel lucky realizing how important these tools are and how much they allow you to accomplish.

10 –> Thankful for the freedoms you have? Then express yourself, don’t hold back. Be the person you truly want to be. Too often we try to be the person everyone else wants us to be… stop. Be free to be the person you want to be. If that means letting your “freak flag” fly, then fly it proudly. We all have one, it’s like a coat of arms!

I would love to hear from you…

What are you thankful for and how would you do thanks for it? 

My first Do Thanks project… I’m planning our very first Boyle Friendsgiving. It’s not until the weekend after Thanksgiving but I am going ahead an planning it out and sending invitations. A family dinner with our closest friends so Dan and I can express how thankful we are with food food, wine, and laughter.


  • Great post! I think doing thanks are a great way to spread some love. I enjoy signing on to FB to see all the thanks but agree that doing is much better than just saying.

    • Thanks! It is so much better to do something with all of our built-up thanks! 🙂

  • Kim

    What a great idea to “do” thanks – so much more meaningful!!!
    I stay off of FB most of November – for some reason the days of thankful bugs me – I think because it always seems so forced.

    • I agree! Thanks Kim. That’s why I don’t partake either.

  • LOVE THIS! Actions > Words any day!

  • I love this post! This has given me some great ideas for giving thanks!

  • Kathryn Reynolds

    This is awesome and so true. I love that you included the hand written notes. They are few and far between these days. We are also having a Friendsgiving and cannot wait!

    • I love hand written notes! Such an easy thing that is so special! Yay for Friendsgiving.

  • I could hug you! I loathe those posts, I really do! You are so on the money with your suggestions instead.

  • I like the idea of doing thanks :). And you are so right about the thankful slope- how toward Thanksgiving, people become thankful for Starbucks and boots! I have done blog challenges like this (back in 2010, I was a new blogger), and I realized that I spent more time crafting blogs and it felt like an “obligation” rather than just being thankful. This year, I just have a printed paper where I’m just writing things down and actually thinking about them rather than feeling obligated to post or blog, you know? I will definitely be doing some charity giving and stuff soon too, I used to do it at work and now don’t get the chance working from home.

    • That’s a great idea, to have a thankful pad beside you. I think that giving thanks is a personal thing and it helps not to have to feel obligated!

  • KarenG in France

    This is a really great post. Thought provoking. Recently I bought croissants for the guys working on a project in my home. They were so happy ! But I am definitely going to think about how I can do more thanks ! THANK YOU for the ideas & glad that you are feeling better. Sorry about your race last weekend. No fun being sick. I have a race this Saturday but suspect a hairline fracture in my heel, so I am not going to risk it… so disappointing but sometimes you need to listen to your body.

    • That’s great you’re listening to your body! Better a few weeks off then sidelined for months and months!
      That was so nice of you for the workers!

  • MIZ



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  • Great post and thanks for it! LOL! The first day of November, I was hit with lots of FB status’ of thanks. I almost did my own and just said that this was stupid. I’m going to run out of things to be thankful for and they will be random stuff just to get the status. I decided against it. I’ve done three things on this list and I’m happy about it. But you gave me even more ideas.

    • Thanks! I was the same way so I am glad to actually be conscious of my actions to show more thanks.

  • LOVE this! Smart lady, what a good idea.

  • LOVE this idea! I actually sent a thank you card today to a friends who invited me over for a party this past weekend. I love sending snail mail and just reminding friends how grateful I am for them. Thank you for sharing this!

    • That was so nice! Snail mail is the best!

  • Love this post! I was actually planning on doing #7 for my friends this year. We’re having Friendsgiving next weekend, and I think I’m going to write each one a little card letting them know why I love them so much.

    Also, I totally volunteered at the Christmas race you posted a pic of. I was one of the people lining the streets to make sure no cars came up the side streets. Wish I had run it though – I loved all the costumes!

    • That’s going to be a blast! Can’t wait for Friendsgiving!

      That’s so cool, are you going to be running it this year?

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  • This is a great idea, however I dislike dissing people who are trying to notice things they are thankful for. Not everyone is able to afford Starbucks or boots, so it’s good every once in awhile (or for 30 days out of the year) to think about the little things in our life we take for granted. As a natural pessimist, this has helped improve my outlook on life immensely and I will continue to do so for the next 8 days (while thinking about your idea of DOING thanks). 😉

    • You are right, but there are a lot of great things you can do that don’t cost a penny… like tell the people that you’re grateful for that you’re grateful. Or just complimenting a stranger. You’re on the money though, sometimes just thinking about it helps our lives so much!

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