Stop Self Doubt And End Up Surprised: Welcome Knowvember

I’ve learned through years of training that it isn’t that women can’t do certain things, its that they think they can’t do certain things.

This isn’t just with working out though, it’s with life. I am a big believer that we’re not meant to ever “just settle” we are meant to push out of our comfort zones and achieve great things. Write that down… just kidding, reminded me of a Van Wilder moment.

Just settling for being a certain weight, being in a certain position at work, or settling for being out of breath after 2 flights of stairs is easy, it leaves room for excuses. And I hate excuses, we all should!

The infamous Yoda once said:

Do or do not, there is no try.

When your husband loves Star Wars you pick up a quote here and there.

What got me to thinking about this? A lot of things to be honest.

As a business owner trying to grow an online business and a local business, it’s required that I get out of my comfort zone and take chances. Believe it or not, I am kind of a shy woman so getting out in the community, calling businesses, and even writing a blog can sometimes have me holding me breath.

But you know what? When I do new things, the worst thing that can happen is that I’ll be told “No”. Then I have to pick myself up and try again.

Lesson: The Worst Thing That Can Happen Is You Get A “No”

Aside from the business, there is also my fitness… I never thought in a thousand years that I would be able to not only run a 1/2 marathon but to actually do pretty well with it. I never thought I would be the girl to grab the 1st place trophy at a 5K race, and I especially didn’t think I would ever have the confidence to walk out on a stage in front of hundreds of people in a bikini. But I did. And with each accomplishment, I was pushed to try something else, something even more challenging.

Note: this was taken at the seamstress’s home, not my house. I should have clarified earlier regarding the mess. haha.

I love that rush! That feeling in the pit of your stomach right before a big event, the feeling like you kind of want to throw up but you’re really excited at the same time. Know what I am talking about?

Okay, so I wasn’t just thinking about me when I decided to write this… here is what REALLY got the idea growing in my head.

I have a client, who is amazing. She’s a star boot camper, always topping workout records and trying new things outside of class. The other day we started with a squat hold. Not up against a wall, but a drop your butt down like there is a chair below you and hold it. She only went down 1/2 way.

Of course immediately I called her out, told her to squat lower and you know what… she did, went down to a perfect 90-degree hold.

Minus the weight. Source

So of course I followed up by asking, why didn’t she go that low to begin with.

Her response?

She didn’t think she could. 

Just like she didn’t think she could run a 5K.

Just like she didn’t think she could do a mud run.

Just like she didn’t think she could do a 10K.

But freaking guess what! She did them all, and above par for sure.

Lesson: Sometimes It Takes Doubting Yourself,

But try anyways to prove that you can accomplish more than ever.

When was the last time you backed away from trying something? Not because you didn’t want to but because you self-doubted yourself?

Well, let’s put it behind us! Let’s make November, “Knowvember”. Cheesy? Yup but it gets my point across, know that you have what it takes to do so much! That your body is stronger than you think and that your personal drive can take you places you never thought possible.

Okay, one last story then I promise I’ll drop it…

My mom is amazing. She is an inspiration to me, my brother, my friends and hundreds of employees at her office. I don’t often talk about my parents but today I am making it a special exception.

So my mom, she and my dad were high school sweethearts (awwww, how cute). They got married right out of high school when she was 18 years old and bypassed the whole college thing.

For a long time she worked odd jobs but when I was a baby she was a teller for a bank. She worked part time back then and eventually as my brother and I got older she went full time and took on my responsibilities.

Work noticed.

Let’s fast forward to today… that bank teller that had no college education and worked in a male dominated field went on to become an executive vice president. Do you think she doubted herself?

Sure there were times! But she also knew she was good and what she did and wasn’t going to let anything get in her way of climbing the ladder.

She is also the only female VP without a college degree.

Can you tell I am impressed and proud?

Lesson: Do Not Settle!

Know deep down that you can always do better! If that means spending an extra 30 minutes at work sometimes then do it. If it means going to the gym solo because your husband wants to lay on the couch the do it!

To quote Nike (not my cat)… “Just Do It”

And that’s all she wrote!

Have a fabulous Monday!

  • What is something that you’ve surprised yourself with? 


  • Cassie

    Great article. Knowing and Pushing my own body to the limits is something that I am trying to get used to. I think the best motivation is being around positive people that push you to be your best!

  • Sam

    Did you look around before you took that picture?

    • This picture wasn’t taken at my house, it was at my seamstress that designed the suite. Trust me, this isn’t how my home looks. lol

  • Tracey

    Inspiring article and great tips for pushing past our fears and doubts. Reminds me of that saying “what would you do if you knew you would not fail”. Thanks for the encouragement.


    • great quote and sums it up perfectly! Thanks Tracey

  • Ashley

    Me and my husband do this thing every year where we both set each other one goal, it’s a really fun way of pushing ourselves because we always choose tasks that we KNOW the other person can do but they think they can’t.

    Last year my husband’s one for me was to run a 5k, I thought (like you) no way. I actually ended up running a half marathon and will run the full marathon next year (should be able to get under 4 hrs as well if everything goes to plan).

    • That’s awesome Ashley! Congrats on how far you’ve come, wow a full marathon on the calendar! What was your challenge to him?

      • To complete a full basketball season (including ALL practices and pre season). He hasn’t done this since he was about 19, he always used to find excuses as to why he shouldn’t go to training and then ended up doing nothing around the house anyway.

        He has loved this year and it’s been amazing to see his progress and general mood improve as he saw himself completing his goal.

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