Strength Train To Ward Off Alzheimer’s

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In US News yesterday they released new research showing that strength training may help to prevent or decrease odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease. This is still in its infancy of research but it’s pretty cool. We already know that the disease messes with the sufferer’s cognitive mind but now it might seem as if muscle strength is affected as well as one of the possible first signs of the terrible disease.

According to US News:

Among the 900 older adults in the study, those who were initially stronger had a smaller chance of getting

Alzheimer’s in the future. (The average follow-up time was 3.6 years.) Muscle strength was also tied to a lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment, the precursor to Alzheimer’s disease, the study found.

So while it isn’t 100% evident that strength training will help prevent the disease it is clear that it might help lower risk and help to determine who is at a higher risk.

Exercise And Mental Power

Also keep in mind that it’s our actions and the way we treat our bodies today that affects how we will be years down the road. That’s why I wanted to write about this… treat yourself well today and tomorrow you will be much better off!

Have you been forgetting your schedule lately? Can’t remember what you had for lunch? One more reason to hit the gym… not a sign of Alzheimer’s but exercise is linked to not only slow negative changes to the brain but also gives you some cognitive reserves. Helping with memory, focusing and mantaining attention and planning ahead!

Keeping A Family Healthy

Alzheimer’s is something close to my heart because it runs in Dan’s family and he is always looking for ways to make sure that even at the ripe age of 28 he’s doing everything he can to keep his chances down! As for me… Parkinson’s disease is lurking around and I want to do everything I can to keep myself at the lowest risk possible!

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Read the full article: Alzheimer’s Linked To Strength Training

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