Study Finds Fit Kids Are Smarter Kids

Happy Friday! We’ve made it through another week. And while I hate to rush time, it means that we’re one more week closer to Christmas. Whoopeee!

Yesterday morning I finished just about all of my shopping. I only have one more thing to pick up for Dan and a few little gifts for the other important people in my life.

As I was standing in line at one of the stores yesterday I saw a study on children’s fitness. I didn’t have time to look at it so when I got home I immediately headed over to ScienceDaily to see if I could read more.

I know I don’t have kids (yet) but childhood obesity and fitness is a passion of mine so I love reading about it. Hopefully you do too!

kids fitness better grades

Here’s what the new study found…

Kids that are more fit phyisically, do better in school. Not just with standardized tests (which I personally think suck) but with overall grades in classes as well.

The research came from Michigan State University and was published in the Journal Of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness is the first to link children’s fitness to both of these factors. But it’s also the first to link how academic performance relates to all aspects of fitness: body fat, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Pretty impressive!

312 middle school students were gauged based on push-ups, shuttle runs, and a mix of other exercises to see just how in shape they were. Their overall scores were then compared to their academic grades from their teachers during the year and than again to their perfoamce on standardized test.

And the results? 

The fittest kids got the highest test scores and best grades!

Regardless of gender or if they had gone through puberty.

The lesson to take home…

  • The importance of kids putting down their game controllers and getting active outside!
  • The importance of recess and PE in classes
  • The importance of finding a sport that your kids love and supporting them to partake. 

My Kids… 

First off, this is the time when I wish I had some embarrassing pictures of my oh so handsome husband and myself from our younger years. But oh well.

Okay, yea yea, I know I don’t have kids (yet). But that doesn’t mean Dan and I don’t discuss how we will raise ours when we do. Growing up Dan played a lot of sports: football, hockey, golf and a few others… however golf was his passion. He is quite impressive to watch!

So of course he wants our kids to like the sport too and insist on getting them into playing as soon as they can walk (I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to decorate the nursery with golf decor).

Me, personally… I was into gymnastics, cheerleading, diving, and a few others throughout my life. My brother was really big into baseball and football growing up so of course I want our kids to do something that makes them sweat, run, and builds a strong body.

The other night we sat talking and compromised… our kids would be introduced to golf (and hopefully like it), and also to martial arts for it’s discipline, physical attritbutes and overall ability to partake for a long time.

So hopefully… the kiddos will like this, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. If not, no biggie we’ll be sure to find something they do like, as long as it’s not sitting their asses on the couch all day.

  • What sports do you want your kids (if you have them or not) to do? 
  • What sports do your kids (if you have them) do, or want to do? 

You can read the entire article here: Fit Kids Finish First In The Classroom

Now, I am off to teach some boot camps, finish shopping, and get to some holiday baking in my kitchen! Great weekend up ahead.


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