Tobacco kills. That’s no secret and pretty much everybody, even smokers, will agree.

Alcohol kills when abused. That’s no secret. Not only does it kill, but it makes people stupid and mean… again when abused.

Sugar kills. To the tune of 35 million deaths a year!

Alcohol kills about 2.5 million people a year and that doesn’t count who was taken because of alcohol such as drunk drivers killing other people.

Actual deaths according to CDC ( related directly to tobacco is 443,000 a year with 8.6 million chronically ill because of tobacco. I couldn’t tell how they categorize death from cancer because of tobacco or other chronic disease caused by tobacco because 443,000 seems really low.

So Sugar Is Deadlier Than Both Tobacco and Alcohol Combined?

Doesn’t Alcohol Contain Lots of Sugar?

Whoa! This is getting out of hand here fast. What’s the deal?

According to new research from researchers at the University of California, sugar needs to be regulated with the same, if not more, punishment than tobacco and alcohol receive.

Sugar is directly linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes which is the deadliest – unsexy – disease. Unsexy because it’s slow, it’s not physically crazy like cancer and other diseases. Therefore it doesn’t get the hysterical attention these other diseases receive.

Yet more and more people are dying each year from it. Probably somebody right now somewhere just succumbed to it.

The researchers are so admit about sugar being regulated they go as far as this…

“…that punitive regulations, such as a tax on all foods and drinks that contain “added” sugar, are now warranted.”

“They also recommend banning sales in or near schools, as well as placing age limits on the sale of such products.”


That is hardcore. Can you imagine a society where young kids don’t get to eat candy? I write this piece with Halloween less than a week away. Candy is going to rain down like crazy along with the worst forms of sugar.

What Types of Sugar Are We Talking About Here?

The processed kinds. Sucrose (table sugar) and high fructose core syrup. Both refined in labs and not a natural sugar. (Natural sugar should still be regulated in diet… I personally think.)

Read the full article and you’ll hear this disturbing news…

These sugars are primarily broken down by the liver. This weakens the liver and causing liver damage and disease. Beyond that, your blood sugar soars to crazy heights causing your pancreas the go nuts pumping insulin into your body.

Insulin helps to regulate blood sugar by delivering it to cells for energy usage. But when there is too much energy floating around in your body, it gets stored as fat and your cells say enough of this crap I am not going to take in anymore. So they become resistant.

So now you just have sugar floating around and insulin trying to franticly store it in fat cells and get it out of the blood stream.

On top of that, your pancreas is taxed and can be damaged because it’s going nuts releasing and producing insulin.

The spiral continues into obesity and then all the other chronic obesity related diseases and high blood sugar diseases begin to take place.

WOW again!

Should Added Sugar Be Taxed?

I don’t know. I purposefully live a life where I control the sugar that goes into my body. I know sugar is deadly and I try to limit it at every turn.

It’s already been proven that sugar is an addictive substance as well. So it acts just like a drug with more serious consequences.

I don’t want to get political as far as taxing is concerned, that will have to be up to our crappy Congress.

But you don’t need Congress to regulate these things for you. You are your own person and it’s up to you to make these decisions yourself… for the good of your body and longevity and your family’s too.

I am going to research more because Steva is an herb and used everywhere now as a sweetener. I wonder how does it cause the body to react? I’ll let you know what I find.

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I think this is a very interesting topic since we all have the power ourselves to not eat sugar, but at the same time this type of information about it’s danger is hidden from us. Crazy stuff for sure.