The biggest controversies for women trying to reach their optimal levels of health are…

Should I be taking any supplements?


What supplements should I be taking?

The nutritional supplement market for women is enormous. Unfortunately the vast majority of it is dedicated to fat burners. However, there is a host of other products promising everything from increased strength to cured joint pain.

Are they worth it? And If so, which ones are?

Should You Be Taking Supplements…

If you can, no you should not be taking supplements. With the right diet, they are not required and many times, most supplements are completely worthless. However, that said, I do take a a few myself… actually just 2 and one is not even your traditional supplement.

So you’re probably wondering, why would I say you should not taking supplements if I actually take two of them?

It’s because most supplements, especially the fat burners, are worthless. With very small dietary changes, you get everything you need and more. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Most Women (My Clients) Ask Me About These Supplements:

1. Protein

Above anything else, I am asked about protein the most. Protein is very misunderstood. It can’t help you lose weight directly. It can help by assisting your nutrition habits and training, but there is no direct fat burning effect with any type of protein.

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Most proteins are going to be dairy based or animal protein based, whey protein being the most popular. However, most women I know hate whey because it makes you bloated leaving you feeling pretty nasty (that’s why I used to hate it before I went vegan).

I have not tried egg white protein but I’ve heard some good things. I can’t comment on something I have not tried.

I love the vegan protein, SunWarrior. It does not use soy which is great and it feels very light. Check it out.

Protein is really used for only a few things:

  • Workout recovery
  • Extra calories

Why would you use it for extra calories? Because let’s say you want to make a shake or a midday snack. You need a protein powder to up the calories so you can get the energy you need. I like my shakes to be about 300 calories if I can.

Without a protein, it takes a lot of ingredients or food to get those calories.

2.. Multivitamins

New studies are being released all the time about how most multivitamins are worthless. The most recent study on Centrum Silver came back with terrible results for the company. Essentially stating that the vitamin did nothing (very modest) for your health.

Plus the vitamin market is so congested with low price multi’s to really expensive multi’s… and on top of that, there is no guidance on how to choose one or even how to use one. There are even some side effects from taking one in some people.

It’s really not difficult to get your vitamins with the right diet. We’ll talk about this in a minute.

3. Fat Burners

I am not asked about fat burners as much as I thought when I got into training and nutrition coaching. However, the question still comes up.

All fat burners have been proven worthless as well. They use a mix of exotic ingredients which help you lose water weight if any weight. It’s false weight and that is what you have to realize and understand.

That said, there have been some human based studies on green coffee beans which prove success. I am looking into these more because they are so new… and there is not much research out there just yet.

However, they seem like they could be a good aid in weight loss. By themselves they really won’t work like you expect. But with an improved diet and a great workout program, it seems like you can see some good results. I’ll write an article all about green coffee as I learn more.

What Supplements Do I Take?

I personally only use a protein power called SunWarrior and a vegetable based pill called Juice Plus. Juice Plus is nothing more than juice plus and pulp from over 17 different vegetables, fruits and grains.

Juice Plus for Women

It’s a great way to round out my vegan diet and make sure I’m getting all the phytonutrients my body needs. You can learn more about that here. (Disclaimer: this is part of my fitness business so I am compensated if you try it out. But email me personally if you have any questions.

That’s all I take.

I don’t recommend too much to my clients either. It all depends on your goals, your nutritional lifestyle, and what you want longterm.

I’ll write more about this subject. Let me know the questions you have about supplements. Make sure you also subscribe to my blog because when you do, you’ll get my veggie report which will really help you out.

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