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Best Kettlebell Ab Exercises & The 5 Core Rules Of Core Workouts

“More core, more core, more core!” This is the request/demand I get when I ask my clients what they would like to see more of in their workouts. It’s almost as if I can hear their fits pounding on the table, not satisfied until I give in to the chant. Let me make something clear, […]

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4 Stomach Exercises To Get Bikini Ready Abs (From Siesta Key)

Good morning! Happy Monday from the beach. So much has happened since yesterday morning. After my run and blog post writing Dan and I purchased a few masks and decided to give snorkeling a try. It was awesome! We saw some amazing wildlife including angel fish, sea urchins, trigger fish and a lot of things […]

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Turn Your Core Workout Up A Notch With These Toning Ab Exercises

I love training my core at the end of my workout. Having a strong core means having a more efficient, functional body! You move easier, lift easier, reduce your risk of injury and let’s not forget the fact that you sculpt a great set of ab muscles! Here are three great ab exercises you can […]

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In The Magazines: 15 Minute Ab Workout

I was going through a my favorite magaizines this morning with the goal of finding something fun and maybe even a few sex tips of something for the holidays… but I came across this (of course it’s still fun though)… just not sexy. A recent magazine (Women’s Health) as posted an article giving a 15 […]

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