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This Just In: Husbands Don’t See Cellulite

Last week I received a small, gray package in the mail. My new bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret… possibly the one package all women both love and hate at the same time. Dan always comments on my lack of style. So being the amazing wife I am, I let him pick it out. Which of […]

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The Best Shoulder Exercises For Women

My shoulders are my favorite body part and they could be yours too. Just think about it, when you have great shoulders you look amazing in just about any top, dress or bathing suit. You feel sexier, more confident and if you have great shoulders, you’re probably going to have great arms, great back and […]

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The Best Back Exercises For Women

I remember when I was a lifeguard in college one of my co-workers pointed out her extra “flab” that hung over her bathing suit along the back of her top… I think she called them gills or something like that. I just remember crinching and telling myself I didn’t want a “gill” problem. If you’ve heard […]

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