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Fruity Friday: Surprising Facts About Berries & Recipe Roundup

I have a Friday tradition that I have been doing for almost 2 years.  Each Friday, I stop by my favorite coffee shop between boot camps and order the same thing:  An almond milk latte and a giant fruit plate. Single Smile Cafe (in Summerville for my local readers) is a charming shop and I […]

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The Best Freakin’ Protein Shake

Thursday was crazy for me, I was in charge of a kid’s gymnastics camp (16 crazy 5-6 year olds), the my parents dog needed to go to the vet and since I was the only one free in the afternoon, guess who was nominated? Not to mention that I had left the house at 5:15 […]

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The Best Healthy Breakfast Choice: Protein Pancakes

Of course you’ve heard it a million, trillion times… breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I have to agree, I have never gone a day in my ENTIRE life where I missed breakfast (crazy I guess). Having a healthy, energy packed breakfast is vital to keep away hunger pains, refuel your […]

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