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20 On The Go Snack Recipes You Won’t Feel Guilty About

Eating healthy meals is easy. We can plan it out and mentally prepare for grilled chicken and vegetable loaded plates. It’s snacking that gets hard. When you first decide to clean up your diet, do you ever fall victim to the, “I’m not going to snack” attitude? Sounds wonderful until 3pm rolls around. Your stomach […]

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Fruity Friday: Surprising Facts About Berries & Recipe Roundup

I have a Friday tradition that I have been doing for almost 2 years.  Each Friday, I stop by my favorite coffee shop between boot camps and order the same thing:  An almond milk latte and a giant fruit plate. Single Smile Cafe (in Summerville for my local readers) is a charming shop and I […]

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Friendly Friday: The Blogger Healthy Tailgate Party

Is anyone else excited that college football has officially kicked off? Go Clemson!  Dan & I at a wedding. And my uncle with my brother, I am guessing about 30 years ago! We’re starting the season with a big game (ugh Georgia), but hopefully Tigers will walk away with the W. Because I am stoked […]

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Friendly Friday: What Kind Of Woman Are You

This week as gone by far too quickly. While I love the weekends, I was hoping for a week to catch my breath before the Palmetto70 tomorrow. Nope. Didn’t happen. One great thing about this week was getting to spend some quality time with this little one: My niece Lainey, who for the first time […]

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Friendly Friday: Sharing Great Posts I Found From Friends

It’s Friday! Which means that tomorrow, Erica and I destroy our wedding gowns. Holy moly! We still are not at our goal yet SO PLEASE help, even if that means simply sharing our Special Olympics page. If you are able to donate, $1-$5 can help us get closer to making this a success. You can […]

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