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Coming Out Of Blogger Retirement?

Over a year?! It’s been radio silence for over a year here. I’m sorry but also not sorry (if I’m being honest). A lot has happened over the past year and I simply had to take a step back and prioritize life, goals and focus. Sadly, that meant taking a step back from my personal […]

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I Refuse To Sit On A Couch

Hey friends! I am quickly popping in just to share a few changes with LiftingRevolution. After several long discussions with Dan (he’s a big part of this blog behind the scenes), I’ve decided to scale back on posting. Why? Because I want to bring you the BEST info, UNIQUE info, while maintaining my own personal […]

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Do I Regret Having A Fitness Blog? Pros & Cons

Here’s a confession: Sometimes I don’t want to sit down at my computer desk and blog.  Every blogger I know is different in terms of how much of their time they spend typing and editing posts. Each blogger is different in terms of how often they hit the submit button each week. And each blogger […]

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Today I Give Thanks To YOU

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! While it’s important to be thankful year round, let’s face it… life get’s busy, things get taken for granted and we’re human. We don’t say Thank You or I love you nearly enough. At least I don’t. Having a special day like today helps to put things into […]

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Doing Less Is Often Times More: Fitness Tips From A Sherpa

Hello there! If I haven’t said it before, thanks so much for taking time out of your day to come by and hang out with me here at Lifting Revolution. I feel blessed to continuously meet so many wonderful people through this blog, and I am truly appreciative for everyone that stops by. One of […]

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