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Be Patient While I Live My Fitness

Hello Friend! I wanted to quickly check in on this lovely Monday. I actually don’t have a structured post for you today. I was away all weekend hosting a Live Your Fitness Retreat for 10 amazing women (with the beautiful Ashton assisting). We had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to recap all of […]

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The Mile High Partner Boot Camp Workout

I have a fun workout for you today. Something quite different but crazy fun and challenging (in a good way). Yesterday I mentioned that I led the boot camp sponsored by Gnarly for Blend. It was a hit and I thought many of you who workout with a friend or if you lead a boot […]

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Small Acts Of Kindness Plus Nonveggie Veggie Pancakes

Another week is almost behind us. It’s be a whirlwind type of week for me and I am quite ecstatic to move on. Wednesday we placed my grandmother in hospice. While we’ve known for sometime that this day would come, it never gets easy. Time with family and allowing emotions to run freely has been […]

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The Boot Camp Spooktacular 5K & Workout + Pumpkin Pie Peanut Butter

Hello friend, I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! We have had the best weekend with our friends/boot campers. Unfortunately today, I woke up with a sore throat so I’ll be taking it easy. I guess I just had a little too much fun! Tomorrow I’ll have a normal post (it’s actually a great Pumpkin […]

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