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How To Not Give A ‘You Know What’ About Calories

I hope your enjoying a long weekend with the sun on your skin and friends/family around you. Our morning started off  early, I skipped my run (looking forward to a dusk jog tonight) so that Dan and I could film a workout for an upcoming project. Check out who’s into social media now! Dan’s all […]

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FDAs Laxed Regulations On Calories: Nutrition Label Lies

This weekend I bought a new box of stevia in the raw for baking (which you can check out what I baked here and here). Because I was bored, I decided to read the box while I was waiting for my timer to ding and I saw this: HUMMMMM… So does stevia have calories in […]

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You’re Being Lied To By Your Food

Just another reason not to waste your time counting calories… A really interested report was just published in Jan 2010 Journal of the American Dietetic Association that you have to know about! If you’re like all the millions of women right now that have made their vows to lose weight by cutting calories, this will […]

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Why Workout Magazines Are All Wrong

I have a select few women’s workout magazines that I enjoy reading but believe me or not I don’t pay much attention to their exercises and workout sessions. Sure I glance through to see if maybe this month is different than last month but normally it’s not… and it’s wrong. What Workout Magazines Tell You: […]

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