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Sprinting Vs Running: What You Need To Know

Before diving in… Today kicks off February’s Let’s Split Challenge. Have you signed up yet? It’s not too late! When I went for my VO2 Max test a few weeks ago, I wasn’t all that surprised when the technician told me that according to my results, I was a good sprinter. I love sprinting possibly […]

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Forget Running… She Can Do It For The Both Of Us!

I love to run, I just don’t do it often for a couple of reasons: It’s hot outside My herniated disk in my back gets inflamed from running If I get to choose how I workout, it’s not my favorite… I would much rather do high intensity intervals or lift weights But that’s just me! […]

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How To Tell If You’re A Cardio Freak

I have been doing some brainstorming and having fun with this blog post! Here are the 10 ways to know you might be relying too much on cardio for your workouts! I got these from when I really was a big cardio freak and from what I see around me at the gym! 10 Ways […]

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Running Barefoot The Next Fitness Trend

Runners are in a club all to themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love to run and if my back didn’t yell at me every time I ran over three miles I would be doing it a lot more for pure love of the sport(but remember, Dan has pleaded with me that I hang up […]

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The Best Sprint Interval Combo

You already know I love intervals for cardio, it is practically the only cardio I blog about! Intervals are freaking amazing… after just 20 minutes you have burned more calories than if you just went for an hour long jog! No joke… and not only do you burn more calories but you burn more fat… […]

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