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Don’t Look Like A Greyhound

Greyhounds are great animals, don’t get me wrong… but if someone were to ask me what kind of animal I would want to be for a day it wouldn’t be a greyhound. I promise there is a reason to my dog chat today. I was sitting at a coffee shop today (the best coffee ever) […]

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How Do You Run?

I am not all for running miles on a treadmill and calling it a workout but running intervals are great and I do love running outside just for fun… when I was a cheerleader in high school I remember the girls teasing me because of my running style (we had to run 1 mile every […]

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Is Running More Dangerous Than Skydiving?

I am not talking about running a mile around the block or 5 miles around town… I am talking about the real deal running: Marathons Running a marathon gives you a higher odds of death than skydiving! Making running an extreme sport! Risk of death with running: 1 in 97,455 Risk of death with skydiving: […]

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The Studies Proof It… Strength Training Trumps Cardio

A load of research has been done on women’s strength training and cardio to finally put an end to the debate… which burns more fat and gives visible results the quickest? Below I have posted just a few of those, the ones that stick out the most and the ones that I could understand the […]

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Big Month For September… Now’s The Best Time To Grow!

Fall is in the air, it’s amazing the temperature has already dropped 10 degrees here in Charleston and that means the end of summer. No more worrying about little bathing suits and looking amazing for vacations… fall is often the worst time for women.  You’ve been working hard all summer to look your best and […]

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