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A Letter From A Woman To Her Cellulite

Dearest Cellulite, Will you ever go away? For the past decade, I have done nothing but cringe at the thought of you. Every workout I’ve done, I’ve done with the hope that it will demolish you. That it would cause you to fade away into the darkness, never to surface again. I can’t tell you […]

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This Just In: Husbands Don’t See Cellulite

Last week I received a small, gray package in the mail. My new bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret… possibly the one package all women both love and hate at the same time. Dan always comments on my lack of style. So being the amazing wife I am, I let him pick it out. Which of […]

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Win Your Cellulite Battle

Here’s a quick video just in time for the holidays! Come January, everyone is going to be rushing around trying to get in shape. That’s why I want to start targeting these questions for you now. I am hitting two questions here… Here are some great tips to help decrease and even get rid of […]

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Win The War Against Cellulite

I got a question this morning from Dawn asking for help battling with cellulite. Cellulite is a funny little demon… Women are all embarrassed about their cellulite but the truth is that 90% of ALL women (skinny, fat, tall, short) have to deal with it as some point in their lives. Even the models and […]

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Hamstring Exercises To Tone And Tighten Your Legs

I made this video the other day because I have had some many women asking advice on toning the back of their legs… is this your trouble zone too? It’s one of the most popular zones for cellulite to creep its way up to the surface and even though we would love to just slap […]

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