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7 Signs You Should Eat A Burger, Fries, & Even Ice Cream

Every time I find myself taking life too serious, this image pops up in my head: Not the most zenful of photographs, but since that movie, you know you’ve said those 3 little words in the late Heath Ledger’s voice… “Why So Serious?” (while shaking your head side to side). Completely off topic, but talk about […]

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What Happens When A Vegan Stops Being A Vegan?

Dan and I are officially by from our mini Florida vacation!   And I have a HUGE confession to make… I stopped being a vegan for 2 days.  I tossed out my veggie loving lifestyle and embraced a weekend filled with seafood and ice cream. Yes, I ate ice cream… twice. Now before I get […]

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Friday Quittin’ Time & Cheatin’ Time!

First off, I finished a great guest post on the importance of weight training for runners for my friend Katie over at Peace, Love And Oats… You can read it here!  If you like it, let her know, show her some love! I love Friday nights! They are almost guaranteed to look something like this: If […]

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