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Best Baking Gifts And The Ultimate Ho Ho Ho Workout {Vlog}

Oh Monday! That means 7 days until Christmas eve. I promise I won’t do a day by day count down but I do love this time of year so I can’t avoid sharing my excitement either. But today’s Lifting Revolution Fitness And Nutrition show is about the holidays. A sweat packed workout and some sweet […]

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A Workout Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Back to the real world today. The alarm going off at 5am was a quick reminder of how much I am going to miss vacation. But I was really excited to see my beautiful boot campers, so that made getting up much easier. Plus I am the most awesome coolest trainer ever and baked granola […]

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Calorie Burning Fat Blasting “Crazy” Workout

I’ve been doing more circuit based workouts lately at the gym in preparation for the 10K I am running next month. Another reason is because my husband was ready for a change and suggested we start doing more of my “boot camp style” workouts, since I know I am better at these than him (he […]

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Newest Bridal Workout To Tone Your Arms

Dan and I were at a wedding not too long ago where the bride looked gorgeous. She had dropped some weight before the wedding and was just glowing in her dress… but then something happened. All eyes where on her during the first dance with her new husband and everyone could see dimples in her […]

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Total Body Bikini Circuit

Here is a great circuit workout I just did for CafeMom… just follow the exercises below and try to aim for 10-12 reps of each. How many times should you do the circuit? Well, if time allows go for 3-6 times. Or work your way up. Start with just 3 rotations, next week try 4 […]

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