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7 Things A Trainer Probably Shouldn’t Confess

Just when you thought I had run out of confessions… Oh no, they keep coming. I’m human after all and I’ve some some pretty ridiculous things in my day. Did you miss the last confession? And while, I’m not proud of many of these moments, I am proud of my ability to come clean and […]

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10 Crazy Confessions From An Imperfect Personal Trainer

It’s the first full week of August, which means it is time for me to confess my health/fitness sins and come clean. I’m not perfect, I don’t try to come off as being perfect, and quit frankly, I am comfortable with my imperfections as a woman/trainer/fitness freak. But I also love being 100% open and […]

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10 Deadly Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Is it seriously time for another confessions post already? Not that I am complaining, these are perhaps my favorite posts to share with you. It’s very cathartic and at the same time, I love laughing at some of the stunts I’ve puled over the years.  I hope that you enjoy my crazy confessions as much […]

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10 Jaw Dropping Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Is it really time for another Confessions? I can’t believe that we’re into March. And just incase you’re interested, today marks exactly 1 month until my big 30th birthday. Ugh. But that’s not what I am confession today, I have some much juicer confessions to get off my chest! Why do I do confessions? Because […]

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