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The Naked Truth: I Kind Of Hate The “Love Your Body” Trend

*This post contains my personal progress pictures and real time workout shots. Not to discourage others or to compare one body to another but to share my experiences, thoughts and personal progress. I thought this post would be more “real” with pictures I keep of my own personal journey. I hope you agree. 2016 kicked off […]

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You Are Not Average, You Are Beautiful

I don’t know if my mom has ever failed to tell me I was beautiful when she’s around. I can’t count how many times she’s walked by, stopped, smiled and then said: “How did I have such a beautiful daughter?” My response? Always… “Because I have a beautiful mother.” But I also always snicker as […]

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This Just In: Husbands Don’t See Cellulite

Last week I received a small, gray package in the mail. My new bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret… possibly the one package all women both love and hate at the same time. Dan always comments on my lack of style. So being the amazing wife I am, I let him pick it out. Which of […]

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Why It’s More Than Okay To Have “Fat Days”

Being a woman is hard. Really, really hard. I can’t tell you how often my husband looks me in the eyes and announces his pride for being a man and not having to deal with the issues that women around him seem to go to war with on a daily basis. And you know what? […]

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How You Can Have The Confidence To Increase Your Strength

Thank you for all your get well messages to Dan yesterday. Over the past 2 days his arm has begun to regain some range of motion, so we’re hoping he is on the fast track to recovery! While he’s been unable to play around with his workouts lately, I’ve been going strong. Having the knowledge […]

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