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What Do You Get The Guy That Gets Himself Everything?

Today we are celebrating my dad’s birthday by going over to my parents and doing the whole cookout and presents thing, there’s one major problem though. I never know what to get my dad… he’s the type of guy that when he wants something he buys it for himself and that’s not the only issue, […]

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Happy 4th Of July!

Happy birthday America! I hope you are out celebrating this great day with friends and family. This is a great excuse to head to the beach, chill out poolside or just have people over to hang out while enjoying good company and good food! I was listening to the radio yesterday, and I will go ahead […]

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Calories in Alcoholic Drinks: 4th Of July Special

Happy 4th Of July (A day early)… And to celebrate I wanted to hit on the calories in alcoholic drinks… I hope you have great plans with friends and family. We all do here… Dan and I will be going to a pool side cookout with friends while Valerie is back in Boston visiting her […]

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Happy Memorial Day- Clean Eating Cookout Ideas

Happy Memorial Day! All of us here at Lifting Revolution wish you and your family a great holiday and I want us all to remember what this day is really about! Keeping that in mind… aside from all our war heros, fallen soldiers, and brave fighters from the past, the present and the future Memorial […]

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