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Be The Laziest Person If You Want To Be The Most Successful

Sometimes you have to stop working to get more done. Sometimes you have to be a slacker. Sometimes you have to say “no, I will not do that today” to take time for yourself. Americans, have been groomed to be workaholics. Plus, we do everything in excess. We work too much… Drink too much… Eat […]

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Crabby Seafood Mac And Cheese Recipe {Almost Vegan}

Good morning and Happy Sunday! After being gone for 2 Sundays in a row, I was extremely excited to enjoy a Sunday pancake. It was delicious, though the homemade chocolate peanut butter I made last night, didn’t hurt the outcome either! I don’t want to talk about my gooey, creamy chocolate peanut butter today though… […]

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Celebrating 1 Year & 361 Days In Style

What a weekend! It’s been super busy, but in fun ways. Yesterday I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, some how managed to roll out of bed and go for a run. And not just any old run, but 13 miles worth of running! A new record for me. Once I got cleaned […]

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How To Have The Sexiest Arms For Your Date Tonight

Call me crazy, but it’s not a strange occurance to walk into my house and see me doing push-ups on the floor before getting dressed for an event (yup, just in my bra and panties). Have you ever noticed that your body looks more toned right after a workout? Well, it’s not a figment of […]

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