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{Vegan} Pecan-Coconut Encrusted Chicken Recipe

Wednesday already? Isn’t it funny how some weeks seem to just inch on by while others fly by? Which is it for you so far? Since getting back to my normal vegan diet, I have been loving my kitchen time. One thing I have noticed though is that since learning so much about the paleo […]

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Date Night-In Full Menu Meatballs To Cookie Balls {Recipes}

Good morning, happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a relaxing day (or a busy fun day). Right now it’s a mix of both in our home… busy schedule ahead of us but right now I am enjoying blog and coffee time. Last night we were suppose to go celebrate our friend’s daughter’s 3-year old birthday. […]

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How To Order What You Want The Way You Want It

Over the course of the 7+ years that I have been with my husband, he has never tried to order a meal or even a coffee for me. In fact, normally he rolls his eyes at me and tells me to “go ahead and order your ‘thing’”. “Thing” because I never order straight off a […]

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The Super Sexy Arm Workout That Will Hurt Tomorrow

I was determined today to get in a great workout. I feel like I’ve been pushing in the gym but because of my fear of injuring myself even more I have held back. You know what I mean? And today I was determined to get over it and push through a tough workout. And that’s […]

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