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Arm Exercise For Women To Go Sleeveless

Summertime is upon us! Finally… well, I may be getting ahead of myself since this weekend is the first time Charleston has seen temperatures over 65 in months but none the less at least I can say spring is upon us! Spring time is the time to start getting summertime ready. I always recommend women […]

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Killer Workouts Circuit Training 411

Thought weight training couldn’t was classified as aerobic workouts-circuit training proofs otherwise! I love circuits because they offer not only a great muscle building results, but also burn off calories, and works as a cardio workout all at the same time. What Makes Circuit Training A Great Option? You’ll find that out about 15 seconds […]

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Best Tricep Exercises For Women

Triceps are a sexy looking muscle. I think I have some pretty good looking triceps. When they’re flexed… ha! Before I go into the exercises, let’s quickly look at the tricep muscle and it’s function. Once you understand the muscle, you’ll be able to make it stronger faster. (And you’ll probably train it a little […]

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