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August’s Best Lower Body Exercises

I realized this morning that’s it has been forever since I did a post on the best __ exercises so I am choosing the lower body to target today since my legs are still shaking from my workout this morning. Here are the best lower body exercises, I don’t recommend adding them all to your […]

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Best Tricep Exercises For Women

Triceps are a sexy looking muscle. I think I have some pretty good looking triceps. When they’re flexed… ha! Before I go into the exercises, let’s quickly look at the tricep muscle and it’s function. Once you understand the muscle, you’ll be able to make it stronger faster. (And you’ll probably train it a little […]

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Women’s Leg Exercise Walking Lunge Help

I recently received the queston below and thought it was important to not only answer it but to also share it with all women looking to tone, strengthen and tighten your legs. The walking lunge is one of the best leg exercises for women, afterall, it works your thighs, calves, butt and abs! Q: What […]

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