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How To Do A Painless Kettlebell Snatch

A few weeks ago I asked what you guys needed help with in terms of your workouts… specifically kettlebells. It was pretty much unanimous: How Do I Do A Kettlebell Snatch? Right after the swing, the snatch is the next move that people think of when dealing with kettlebells. The problem? They aren’t easy to […]

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Ouch! Why You Keep Injuring Yourself

Good morning! Happy Sunday. It felt so good to be able to wake up and make my pancake… it had been over 2 weeks since I had one so it was a wonderful start to the day.   Vegan blueberry pancakes with 1 tbsp sunflower butter and sugar-free syrup (all gone and will never be […]

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Run Too Long And You May Live Too Short A Life

During the Greco-Persian War in 490 BCE, Phidippides, a 40-year-old herald messenger (professional running-courier) ran the 26 miles from a battlefield near Marathon, Greece, into Athens carrying momentous news of Greek victory. Upon arriving at the Acropolis, he proclaimed: ‘Joy, we have won!’ and then immediately collapsed and died. Now if that doesn’t get your attention […]

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A How To Guide To Enjoy Working Out & PGA Championship Fun

If you visited yesterday, you saw that Dan and I enjoyed the day out on the golf course. But not just any golf course, the Ocean Course at Kiawah, at the PGA Championship. While that’s clearly BIG news, let’s get down to business first. Then PGA fun! If You Don’t Like It Then You’re Not […]

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5 Reasons When Working Out Is A Bad Idea

Happy July 5th! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July with your friends and family! Even more so I hope that waking up this morning was painless. Since I have sworn off wine for 6 weeks, I woke up refreshed! I think every week should have a hump day break, anyone want to […]

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