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30 Variations Of Burpees You Can’t Wait To Try

This post was originally published a few years ago. It was one of my favorite exercise variation lists at the time, yet recently I realized it was in desperate need of some updating. Over the past years, I’ve discovered even more burpee fun. Yes, burpees are fun. In fact, my husband just challenged me to […]

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Welcome To The Gun Show: Sexy Arm Workout

Welcome to the gun show today! I have an amazing arm and upper body workout to share. Something new, something fresh and best of all, it’s something that will make those arms of yours burn. YES! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I was away all weekend in Savannah for […]

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The 25 Best Heart Thumping Calorie Burning Exercises

Over the past few years I have shared several “variation posts” here. I’ve done everything from 30 Burpee Variations to Advanced Ab Moves and many more in between. All in all, I’ve shared more than 200 different exercise GIFs! That’s a lot for a person to have to go through to get some fun ideas […]

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The 8 Most Overrated Gym Exercises For Women

Some of these may shock you, some may even have you asking… “Did she really just say that was overrated?” Yes, I certainly did. As promised, this is the follow up to Tuesday’s Most Underrated Exercise post. If you missed it, check it out! As for today, these are moves that I see repeatidily glorified, […]

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Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Exercises For Short On Time Workouts

Sometimes life tries to step in front of you. When it does this, it can mean screwing up your schedule and making the hour that you originally had carved out for your workout just 15 minutes. I’ve been there. The days where… There is one meeting after another, you have to skip your lunch break […]

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