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How To Handle Feelings Of Inadequacy Due To Social Media

Just a few years ago it was magazine covers. We compared ourselves to the gorgeous actresses and models that grazed the covers of popular magazines. Admiring them for their beauty while at the same time feeling twinges of inadequacy. Oh Brittany, how I loved you. {Source} They looked perfect, and that perfection made us feel […]

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Free Women’s Online Training, Ya Don’t Say!

It’s no secret that I freaking love what I do! I love leading a healthy life and helping others do the same by being motivating and giving all the tools a person needs to hit their goals! Which is why I am offering a pretty sweet gift… but first a great story: Why I Am […]

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My Worst Cooking Idea Yet And Will You ‘Like’ Me?

Happy Thursday! As you know, I LOVE Thursdays. I don’t know why but I always have… just an all around great day of the week! lol. So yesterday I had perhaps my biggest flop in the kitchen. I had this great idea to take a vegetarian recipe I found for veggie quiche and make it […]

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