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What You Need To Do Today For Results You Want Tomorrow

Want to know a secret? I recently came to a realization about my life: I am a hard worker. I work my ass off for my businesses, for my body, and for my marriage. Of course, I work hard for other aspects of life but there are several areas that I could work harder on… but […]

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10 Reasons I Should Cancel My Gym Membership

I have another confession to make today: I pay for a gym membership.  Now, I know that doesn’t seen so odd, right? Except that I have my very own fitness studio. Oh, and did I mention it’s a half mile from the gym? Before you look at me like I’m crazy, let me explain: I […]

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5 Workouts That Each Burns 500 Calories

I love a workout that leaves me dripping sweat, panting for air and feeling grateful it’s over. Basically… a workout that forces me to go into “Beast Mode”. Unfortunately, not all workouts do – there are times I leave the gym feeling less that stellar about what just went down. I hate those days. And […]

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What Can You Accomplish In 3 Months?

Well, that is if you actually try to accomplish something. Otherwise in 3 months you could end up right where you are now. Ugh. – Do you ever grow tired of wanting immediate results?  It’s the age we live in, we want instant gratification. With our ‘1-2-3 Got It’ lifestyle, we expect everything to happen […]

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