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21 Day Sugar Detox Starts Now, Goals & More: PODCAST

Yes, you read that right. 21 Day Sugar Detox. And it started for me on Monday. It’s not about losing weight or resolutions or crazy diets. It’s about improving my mind and body and cleaning things up after a few too many sweet treats in December. I think many of us can relate! So yea. […]

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How To Keep The Spark Going In Your Workout: Podcast

Here’s a quick snapshot of a conversation Alex and I had during our workout on Monday… Me: “Hey Alex, what do you want to finish up with?” (We had just finished our workout and wanted to focus on a few skills.) Alex: “Ummm, I saw someone on IG doing box jumps while holding a kettlebell. […]

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What You Need To Do Today For Results You Want Tomorrow

Want to know a secret? I recently came to a realization about my life: I am a hard worker. I work my ass off for my businesses, for my body, and for my marriage. Of course, I work hard for other aspects of life but there are several areas that I could work harder on… but […]

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