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The 5 Day Kettlebell Challenge You Need To Do!

I was going to entitle this: “The 5 Day Kettlebell Challenge Every Woman Should Do”, but then I realized that this is a challenge for everyone. Grab your guy and make him partake in the festivities. With the next few days being consumed by the kettlebell, I think it’s appropriate that I give you a […]

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3 Day Juice Cleanse Recap: Would I Do It Again {Vlog}

Happy Monday! I hope you had a well rested weekend and ready for the week ahead. We have a fabulous weekend filled with family (my in-laws came to visit from Phili), holiday cheer, and juice. Saturday was the last of my juice cleanse and you know what? Surprisingly, It went great. So great, I felt […]

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My 2011 Fitness Challenge Starts NOW: 4 Hour Body

Tim Ferriss just released his newest book The 4 Hour Body. In case you’ve never heard of him he became famous a few years ago for a little book called The 4 Hour Work Week. If you haven’t read it then I suggest you pick up a copy. Tim is pretty big in experimentation and his […]

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