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‘Tis The Time For A Revo— I mean Fito-lution!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that new red, thin banner along the top of the blog? If not, I just caught you glancing up to see what I am talking about. So what am I talking about? It’s the first Lifting Revolution: Fit-o-Lution Challenge! This is going to be so much freaking fun and I am super […]

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2011 Strong Woman Contest

Yesterday I packed my gym bag and headed out to my first Strong Woman competition. I had no idea what to expect… I had been lifting heavy for the past 2 month in preparation for it but in reality I really had no idea if  I would be ready. It was an absolute blast! I […]

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Freeze… Literally Freeze And Hold Your Exercises!

I started training today for my next fitness competition, it won’t be until next year but I figured what the heck there is no better time than now.  I am also trying out a new form of exercises on my off weight training days and let me tell you, they kicked my strength training ass… […]

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