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How Does Exercise Affect A Woman’s Sex Life?

Two sex posts in two weeks… I sound like such a horn dog. And if I’m being honest, I’m kinda uncomfortable sharing my multiple pieces of my lingerie with you. But all in the name of research and sharing important info to important friends! If this topic isn’t interesting to you, I’m sorry, but not really. And let’s be […]

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Does Pre-Workout Sex Help Or Hurt Your Fitness Performance?

Valentine’s was just yesterday, so let’s drag the romance out one more day, shall we? Where did this topic come from? I can assure you I was not thinking of Valentine’s Day post ideas. This one popped into my head a few weeks ago. During a run. No, I did not stop mid-way through a […]

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Why Are We Flunking Fitness?

Dan recently sent me the below infographic from WomenRunning.com. With the title, “Americans Are Flunking Fitness Class” I was intrigued. And then annoyed. It’s a great infographic, but it was missing some HUGE points. You know, the ones that give the explanations. Not to mention, who decided these should be the questions to decide whether you are […]

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10 Ways To Know Your Workout Plan Is Perfect

Hi friends! Have you wondered if what you’re doing is right? Is your workout a good workout? Is it what you need? In the 80’s fitness choices were limited: weight lifting, running, and step aerobics. Now, there seems to be an infinite amount of choices to pick from for workout programs. I would name some […]

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