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Podcast: Rewarding Yourself With Food

Last week, I stood tall on my soapbox. I’m not sure if any of my clients listened, but I got passionate. I was driven and focused on making my point. What was it I was so passionate about? Almost to the point of being annoying? Treating ourselves like dogs…. Rewarding ourselves with food. We’ve all […]

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Friday Favorites: Top Favorite Fall Recipes + I Need Hair Help

September 23rd is the official first day of fall, but for me fall started when wearing white became a fashion no-no. Yes, here in the south, you better not try to wear white jeans after labor day. Expect to get a few crazy eyes looking at you. <– I know this is living the past […]

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Does It Matter What Time You Eat To Lose Weight?

Good morning! We’ve made it to Friday. I am super excited for this weekend as I will be backing up my car shortly and heading to Charlotte for a bachelorette weekend for my college friend, Jennie. She also happens to be my “big sis” in our sorority. I can’t wait! Of course I can’t wait […]

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New Food Finds & How To Set Goals That You’ll Actually Hit

Happy Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas Eve! I am pretty much like a 4 year old waiting for Christmas morning. Dan hates it because you better believe I will be up at 6:30 trying to wake up him up (without him realizing that I am waking him up, of course). Oh well, he’s only a Scrooge […]

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Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid Part 2

Happy Thursday! Who’s recovery from a sugar high this morning? We never have trick or treaters so it’s not an issue for me. Every year I hope for one but each year I am let down 🙁 I used to buy bags of candy “just in case” and then of course I would end up […]

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