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Gluten-Free Acorn Squash Cranberry Cashew Breakfast Muffins

Before we jump into these muffins, let’s cover a few bases… Acorn squash is new to me. For years I’ve seen it sitting with the other squashes, looking intimidating and telling me to back off. It’s tough shell and unique shape sent chills down my back when thinking about cutting it open. I envisioned a trip […]

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Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal Pancakes & Vitamix Cookbook Review

It takes about .2 seconds to give a response when someone asks what my favorite kitchen appliance is. My Vitamix. When we first received the fancy blender 3 years ago (a Christmas present from my in-laws), I was nervous. I wondered if it was really worth it. It’s a blender, how amazing can a blender […]

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3 Fast, Delicious, & Healthy Gluten-Free Lunches

Does anyone else have the hardest time coming up with good lunch ideas? When lunch time rolls around, it’s not unique to see me staring into the fridge. Just thinking of what sounds good but coming up with the same old boring thing. That’s normally a shake or a salad… a boring salad at that. […]

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Protein Up With Philly Cheese-less Steaks {Gluten-Free}

Did you know that bone is a unique living protein? I know, you thought it was just a bunch of hard calcium with an inner marrow filling. Or maybe that was just me. But you learn things when you break you leg. Like the need to increase protein and calories significantly to help the body […]

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