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Dear Gym, I Need Some Space

                                          June 15, 2013     Lately I have felt some tension between the two of us. I am sure you’ve felt it as well, probably thinking you were being paranoid. But it’s true. I walk […]

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Top Ten Thursday: 10 Reasons Why The Gym Annoys Me

Good morning! I hope your day is off to a great start. I spent my morning (after boot camp) running around looking for this: “Choffy”. It’s ground up cocoa beans that can be brewed just like coffee (read more about it here). And my search ended unsuccessfully. Boo. You might be wondering, why was I […]

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The Hard Candy Gym Too Sweet For Most?

Madonna has opened doors to the first of what is expected to be of many luxury gyms. Hard Candy opened in Mexico City, and is loaded with Madonna themed artwork and designs. Apparently at the grande opening, Madonna chose 20 lucky visitors, and taught a dance class. That shows some initiative, but is it enough […]

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The Lack Of Hustle & Bustle With New Gym Members

When you think of New Years do you think of losing weight and getting in shape? That’s what 80+% of women think of this time of year. So I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I pulled into my gym parking lot this morning and had to drive to the back to find a spot […]

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The upside of group fitness classes

I saw Taylor had just written a negative article on group fitness classes and I am going to counter her opinion. First off Taylor and I go to different gyms and the classes offered and instructors are completely different. I would absolutely be turned off by instructors that are out of shape. I guess I […]

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