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How To Plan A Successful Long Run: The Time I Ran 20 Miles

Hello there! How’s life? So let’s just get straight to the point today… If you follow me on Instagram (if you’re not, why?) you may have seen that I ran 20 miles this past weekend. This was by far a new distance record for me. In fact, it beat my previous record by 5 miles. […]

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Triathlon Perhaps? My First “Brick” Workout & Tips

It may not be anywhere close, but regardless, I am pretty confident a triathlon is in my future. Yesterday, I did my very first brick workout. What’s a brick workout?  It’s two workouts done back to back, like bricks being stacked upon one another… And I survived. I was recently approached by Blake, the owner […]

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How I Burned 2000 Calories In A Single Day

Yesterday, I burned around 2000 calories (possibly more) all before 1 pm. The day started at 5am when I rolled out of bed to get my training run done. Even if I didn’t have plans for the day, it still would have started this early because of the summer heat and crazy wet humidity. Having […]

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Friendly Friday: Going NuttZo For Speed

It’s Friday! And the last friday of July. How did that happen? The summer is flying by and I am hoping to be able to take some time to enjoy it this weekend. It’s driving me nuts that I have only been to the beach once! Clearly, I need some quality time with a good […]

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The Most Gorgeous Road Trip To Date

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Ours has been excellent, partly because some crazy warm weather has rolled in to Charleston. If you have never been to Charleston, we are known for our unpredictable winters. We can have highs in the 40s one day (this is really cold to me), and the […]

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