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Top 10 Thursday: Top Ten Gifts For The Healthy Eater

Thursday already? That means my in-laws are coming which also means, I have to high tail it around to get this place spotless. The other day Dan asked if I still felt the need to impress his parents even after all these years. Without hesitation I said of course! I think that I’ll always feel […]

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Ask Away Wednesday: Turkey Day Edition

Today might be the last day of work for you, or perhaps you’re already off. Regardless, it’s a day to celebrate and get pumped up for what’s to come… tomorrow is a day of family, friends, love and food. I likely will not be posting tomorrow since I’ll be up and in the kitchen just […]

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Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid Part 2

Happy Thursday! Who’s recovery from a sugar high this morning? We never have trick or treaters so it’s not an issue for me. Every year I hope for one but each year I am let down 🙁 I used to buy bags of candy “just in case” and then of course I would end up […]

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R.I.P Mars Bars: Snickers, Twix, And Milky Way

No, these bars are really going away for good however, there will be limited options! This is because Mars Inc, the maker of such wonderful yummy and unnutritious bars as the Snickers and Twix have announced they will no longer be making candy bars that have more than 250 calories! Wow, shut the front door… […]

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Apparently Arby’s Is Good For Losing Weight

I was driving to the gym this morning and listening to a morning show on the radio when an Arby’s commercial came on… ok that’s fine but then they threw this line in (sorry if it’s not verbatim). “Now enjoy the large roast beef sandwich without guilt, it only has 350 calories which makes it […]

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