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Unhealthy Confessions From Healthy Living Bloggers

Remember when I used to confessions of a personal trainer? I loved doing those! I would still do them however I feel as if I have revealed all of my confessions. As a trainer, I have nothing else to reveal. You know me inside and out. But I’ve been craving a confessions post, so instead […]

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Destroying My Wedding Dress & Tips On Dealing With Food Pushers

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was nice, a bit on the relaxing side but with a splash of productivity thrown in. Just the way I like it. We spent yesterday getting some work done before heading to my parents’ house where they of course asked if I would “please” eat the clearly unvegan […]

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Can You Stand Up Unassisted?

Happy Friday! For a lot of you that means that the holiday weekend has begun. Kids are out of school and perhaps you’re out of work until Wednesday or later!? If you were hit by the snow storm, I hope you’re staying worm. Living in Charleston, snow isn’t something we deal with often, thankfully. I […]

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