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Hiking The Art Loeb Trail: Live Your Fitness Retreat Recap

How many fitness minded women does it take to change a flat tire? Give it some thought, and I’ll give the answer at the bottom. This past weekend was close to perfect. My studio in Charleston, This Time Fitness, hosted it’s 2nd women’s Live your Fitness Retreat. What’s that? 10 women come hang out with […]

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21 John Muir Quotes To Make Anyone Want To Take A Walk In The Autumn Woods

This past weekend, I experienced something new. Fall. I’ve seen pictures of gorgeous fall leaves, with golden hues and firey reds. Yet, I can’t remember seeing these colors in person (Charleston goes from green to brown). A part of me thought that these pictures were doctored. A bit photoshopped to exaggerate the beauty of fall. […]

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Backpacking The Southeast: Mt Mitchell State Park Backcountry Camping Trip

They aren’t the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada, but the Appalachians are extremely beautiful, breathtaking even. These mountains, with the highest peak topping out at just 6,683-feet, are worth a visit. I’ve talked of our love of Mt Mitchell several times and over the past 6 months, this mountain has become a second home to […]

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Not Home For The Holidays: Our Adventurous Mountain Getaway

Are you ready for a photo filled post? Last week Dan and I had perhaps the best vacation together. Ever. From start to finish, we had the best time. And because this is my blog, I am using it to scrapbook the trip to lock it into my memory. I hope you don’t mind! I […]

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