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4 Holiday Inspired Workouts That Would Even Make Scrooge Excited!

Thanksgiving has come and gone (far too quickly) which means one thing… It’s okay to go into full holiday spirit mode! The Christmas music is playing, the tree is up, and I’m ready to hit the stores for shopping. One of my favorite holiday traditions? Holiday inspired workouts! I am not one of those people […]

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Round-up Of The Most Festive Holiday Workouts

Happy Christmas Week! Tomorrow morning we hit the road for our Christmas vacation and I am like a little girl waiting for Santa Clause! I know this is a crazy week for most of us, so while I plan on posting, we’re going to keep things light and fun around here. I hope that’s okay? […]

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Can’t Catch Me Gingerbread Man Protein Shake {Vegan}

Happy Friday! I hope you have a ton of wonderful plans this weekend. Our weekend is packed with dinners with friends and family and a half marathon. I know I said that I wasn’t going to run Kiawah and I am not racing it. I am simply pacing my friend Ashton while she races. So […]

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The Step-By-Step Guide To Eating During The Holidays

I’ve seen them, you’ve seen them… we’ve all seen them. The articles, blog posts and even news reports sharing each person’s two cents on how to survive the holidays when it comes to parties, alcohol, and food. And now, I’m giving mine. I found this little gem the other day. Our very first holiday picture […]

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The Gift Guide For Kettlebell Lovers (or Wannabe)

I’ve seen some great gift lists floating around lately and thought it was time to share mine. After all, Thanksgiving has passed so I am free to talk about the holidays as much as I want. My gift list is a bit different though… it’s not just for any fitness lover. It’s for those of […]

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