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A Surprise Trip To San Francisco For Kettlebell Certification

Happy Sunday. Nike does Sundays the best… Slow and relaxed! Like most Sundays, mine kicked off with a stack of delicious pancakes. It was a new recipe, Paleo Cashew Cinnamon, which turned out delicious but I had some flip issues. The end result looked terrible but tasted wonderful and it even fit the rules of […]

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Prize Reveal: Stronger Arms, Tighter Core… And Fresher Pits?

I’ve got some very very exciting news today… life is returning to Charleston! Kids returned to school, the ice is gone and we’re one day closer to spring! Oh, that’s not the news you were expecting? How about this… Today is the end of the Core & More Challenge!  Did you do it? Did you […]

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An Almost Silent Sunday

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to pop in quickly and share a bit of what’s been going on. I have seen “silent” posts up on blogs for awhile and decided to give one a try today. If you like it, let me know… if you prefer my wordy Sunday check-ins, let me know that too! […]

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