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8 Rules To Follow If You Want To Train With Kettlebells

Most people know that kettlebells are my jam. I love that my heart feels like it’s pounding out of my chest after just a few minutes of starting. I love the muscle fatigue that sets in FAST. And I love the results. I tell everyone that comes to my kettlebell clinics (a mandatory intro class […]

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The 5 Day 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout Challenge For Cool People

Happy Thursday! Have I ever mentioned that Thursdays are my favorite? Don’t ask why, but all of my life I’ve felt that Thursdays were simply the best. And if Thursday was a person, we would be friends. Weird? Perhaps, but hey, I never claimed to be normal. For months, if not years, Thursday has been […]

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Finding Flow Kettlebell Workout

I am so glad you guys liked last week’s kettlebell workout! It was a tough one! Because you know that kettlebells and I go together like peas and carrots, we’re going to keep the trend going this week (probably every week, to be honest). This workout is so much fun! And VERY different from “traditional” kettlebell […]

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Meet Me At The Bar Bell Workout {Barbell & Kettlebell Workout}

We’ve almost made it to Thursday! I hope the week has been wonderful. I have a great workout to share with you, and to be honest it’s a bit different than what I normally share here. But it’s fun to spice things up from time to time, right? Believe it or not, I do actually […]

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7 Things A Trainer Probably Shouldn’t Confess

Just when you thought I had run out of confessions… Oh no, they keep coming. I’m human after all and I’ve some some pretty ridiculous things in my day. Did you miss the last confession? And while, I’m not proud of many of these moments, I am proud of my ability to come clean and […]

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