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7 Kettlebell Complexes To Add To Your Workouts For Better Results

When it comes to my own kettlebell workouts, I love complexes! The idea of tying one exercise to another adds a flow, a rhythm, to the workout! And let’s face it, they’re hard! When you string different exercises together sometimes you get lost in the move and your mind is just thinking of what comes […]

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How To Stop Kettlebells From Causing Bruising On Wrists

I don’t remember how winded I became during my first started kettlebell workout. I don’t remember how much my butt hurt and I don’t remember how sore my abs and shoulders were. But I do remember the black, blue and red raised bruises that formed on the backsides of my wrists/forearms. These bruises matched perfectly […]

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How To Do A Kettlebell Windmill: Step By Step Guide

Before jumping into today’s kettlebell tutorial, I probably should address the new look! As you can see Lifting Revolution has gotten a major facelift. This has been a very long process and we’re happy to see it’s finally coming to an end.There are still a few kinks being worked out with our web designer and […]

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Fast Shoulder Kettlebell Workout For Women: Get On Up!

This workout almost wasn’t this week. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I remember to charge the camera, sometimes I don’t. Oops. I was really bummed when Dan turned on the camera only to tell me there wasn’t enough juice in it. And since I was the last to use it, it was […]

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Now Here! The 12 Days Of Kettlebells Challenge {Full Program}

12 Days of 12 different kettlebell challenges. Can you do it? Yes, you can! Life can get busy. Making time for consistent fitness can be hard. That’s why I love challenges. It makes it easy, because on those days where you can’t fit in a full workout, you know you can find the time to […]

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