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Updates, Life, & Coffee

Well, hello there. Fancy seeing you here. I’m sorry for MIA… kind of. It’s currently a frigid Friday morning (Happy St. Patrick’s Day) and feels perfect for a coffee date. So pour a cup of joe (or whatever you fancy) and let’s chat. Life, like for everyone, has been busy up in our house! New […]

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I Refuse To Sit On A Couch

Hey friends! I am quickly popping in just to share a few changes with LiftingRevolution. After several long discussions with Dan (he’s a big part of this blog behind the scenes), I’ve decided to scale back on posting. Why? Because I want to bring you the BEST info, UNIQUE info, while maintaining my own personal […]

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Defining Yourself: Do You Know Who You Are?

When I run with Katie we have a habit of finding ourselves in some deep conversations… Last week we were talking during our cool-down jog, and started to discuss life (this is normal for us). At some point our conversation went something like this… Katie: “I never want to be classified as just a _______. […]

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10 Jaw Dropping Confessions From A Trainer

If you read the post on my recent paddleboard excursion you may have noticed something was missing… A picture of me paddling along the scenic tidal creek. I wish I could say it was missing because I had the camera and didn’t get around to passing it over to Dan so I could get my […]

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11 Reasons Why Your Life Is Awesome Right This Second

  Here’s a confession: I am in a really uncomfortable time in my life. Have you every felt like you work, and work, and work yet the results just aren’t showing the way you want? They aren’t reflecting that hard work? And you’re not at the place you thought you would  be? It sucks. Dan […]

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