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Your Top Fitness & Nutrition Questions Answered

Yesterday morning I sent an email and posted on Facebook, asking you for your pleaguing fitness and nutrition concerns/questions that I would be happy to answer in the FItness & Nutrition Show (for today). Boy, did you have some great ones! I am so glad I asked because my inbox started to quickly fill up […]

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Sweat Summertime Workout Circuit

I sometimes wonder why I even bother to brush my hair during the summer. The southern humidity seems to have felt that it wasn’t bad enough already. Why would anyone pay money to go sit in a closed off, dark steam room when they could come visit Charleston? Forget “Sweet Summertime”, here it’s all about […]

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Slip N Sliders Workout: Sliding To Tighter Toned Body

Why does everyone dread Mondays? I mean, they start the week off and they allow us to forget about last week’s mistakes and start anew. Right? To be honest, after such a busy weekend, I am happy to have some consistency back, which also comes with the start if a new week. Sure, we have […]

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The Age Of The Booty – Bodacious Booty Workout

I know you’re pumped for a new Lifting Revolution Fitness & Nutrition Show to start your Monday off on the right foot! However, there has been a change to the regularly scheduled program… today it’s just the fitness show. Later this week, I will share the nutrition show. Why? Because both are great and deserve […]

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5 Never Heard Of Burpees & Why I Don’t Eat Tofu

Yay for Monday! I know that sounds crazy to celebrate a Monday, but hear me out: For the past 4 days we’ve seen nothing but rain and clouds. I am keeping my fingers crossed that with the start of a new week will also bring in some new weather. I feel like I was transported […]

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