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21 Day Sugar Detox Starts Now, Goals & More: PODCAST

Yes, you read that right. 21 Day Sugar Detox. And it started for me on Monday. It’s not about losing weight or resolutions or crazy diets. It’s about improving my mind and body and cleaning things up after a few too many sweet treats in December. I think many of us can relate! So yea. […]

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Happy New Year

Quite the hiatus, huh? Sorry about that! I promise I’ll be back on Wednesday. We’ve definitely been busy prepping for this time of year, enjoying the holidays and taking a step back from a few things. Re-evaluating has been super important… evaluating how I spend my time, what I could do better, what I need […]

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An Actual Useful Guide To Making Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions… It means we have to resolve something, or change. I’m not a big fan of looking at it that way. It sounds negative, and our brain is smart. It hears negativity and pushes it away… one reason that resolutions may work for such a few people. To me, the New Year isn’t about changing […]

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Happy New Years! The Ball Drop Kettlebell Workout

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I hope you had a fun and safe night out! We stayed in and it was marvelous. Maybe one year we will actually venture out for New Years but this was not that year. And it was exactly like I wanted! We are getting ready to head to my parents for a […]

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