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What Do You Really Need For Pre-Workout Nutrition & Meals?

When my visits to the gym became more regular and I became more focused on training, I grew more confused about nutrition. I started working out a decade ago to lose weight and tone up (how has 10 years passed already!?). To make it happen, I cut calories in my diet and burned as many […]

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Protein Up With Philly Cheese-less Steaks {Gluten-Free}

Did you know that bone is a unique living protein? I know, you thought it was just a bunch of hard calcium with an inner marrow filling. Or maybe that was just me. But you learn things when you break you leg. Like the need to increase protein and calories significantly to help the body […]

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The Naked Truth: The Obsessive Fear Of Weight Gain During Injury

Can we have a heart to heart today? Can I just sit and expose my weaknesses, my fears, and my thoughts with you? Since breaking my leg, I’ve been consumed by 2 thoughts… I have to do everything in my power to avoid weight gain during my recovery. How much strength and stamina am I […]

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