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Podcast: Rewarding Yourself With Food

Last week, I stood tall on my soapbox. I’m not sure if any of my clients listened, but I got passionate. I was driven and focused on making my point. What was it I was so passionate about? Almost to the point of being annoying? Treating ourselves like dogs…. Rewarding ourselves with food. We’ve all […]

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Should You Skip Dinner To Lose Weight?

ScienceDaily is perhaps my all time favorite site. I can spend hours scrolling through recent studies and publications. I guess that’s just the old biologist in me (I was a bio major). A few weeks ago, I came across this article, entitled, “Eating dinner early, or skipping it, may be effective in fighting body fat.” […]

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What Do You Really Need For Pre-Workout Nutrition & Meals?

When my visits to the gym became more regular and I became more focused on training, I grew more confused about nutrition. I started working out a decade ago to lose weight and tone up (how has 10 years passed already!?). To make it happen, I cut calories in my diet and burned as many […]

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Protein Up With Philly Cheese-less Steaks {Gluten-Free}

Did you know that bone is a unique living protein? I know, you thought it was just a bunch of hard calcium with an inner marrow filling. Or maybe that was just me. But you learn things when you break you leg. Like the need to increase protein and calories significantly to help the body […]

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