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A Champion’s Mindset: 4 Traits You Need To Be A Champion

I don’t have to announce that the Olympics have begun, we’re all fully aware. Though, isn’t it funny how a big event like this can bring us all together? I’ve seen more love for our country in the last 5 days than I have in the last 12 months. Politics may tear us apart, but […]

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The Sochi Winter Olympics Inspired Workout

Have you enjoyed watching the Olympics? Unfortunately, I love the winter games but haven’t had many opportunities to sit down and watch much of them. I have, however, had time to read the twitter feeds from reporters and athletes talking about the conditions. Twitter is blowing up, and I have to say it’s quite entertaining. […]

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Friday’s Useful Random Ramblings

Raise your hand if you’re excited it’s Friday! If you’re really stoked, don’t be shy to do a happy dance! Me personally, I am dancing all over the place! Not that I have any crazy plans for the weekend, I intend to spend Saturday running, buying produce and cooking up some new experimental recipes. Sunday… […]

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