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Aromatic Orange Lavender Pancake Recipe: National Pancake Month

Happy Friday. To celebrate the end of this very long week, how about pull up a chair and sit down to enjoy a nice lil’ stack of these babies: Look great right? And trust me if there was smell-o-blog you would be taken to a zenful zone from the calm and aromatic smells rising from […]

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An Almost Silent Sunday

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to pop in quickly and share a bit of what’s been going on. I have seen “silent” posts up on blogs for awhile and decided to give one a try today. If you like it, let me know… if you prefer my wordy Sunday check-ins, let me know that too! […]

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Small Acts Of Kindness Plus Nonveggie Veggie Pancakes

Another week is almost behind us. It’s be a whirlwind type of week for me and I am quite ecstatic to move on. Wednesday we placed my grandmother in hospice. While we’ve known for sometime that this day would come, it never gets easy. Time with family and allowing emotions to run freely has been […]

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