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Walk Down Food Lane: Picture Tour

Good morning! Happy Saturday. I am getting ready to head out for my running group but I couldn’t walk out and start my day without first starting it with you. I realized yesterday afternoon that it had been quite a while since I imported pictures from my Lytro camera. So of course, I immediately plugged […]

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All Work With Tons Of Play & Setting New Records

How was your weekend!? I have to say that mine was one of the most work filled weekends I have had in a while. And considering that I work most weekends, that says a lot. I know to most people the idea of working all weekend is worst than going to the dentist (or right […]

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Playing Hometown Tourist

But Your Honor, I Don’t Wanna! Wish me luck today, I will be hanging out in the Charleston Court playing jury duty. I am hoping this is a one day thing, because let’s face it does anyone actually enjoy jury duty? It would really be wonderful if I showed up and was told that the […]

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